Welcome, dialect fans – and fans of Dublin dialect in particular.

This website is devoted to the Dublin dialect of the English language. In particular, it is a platform for the prose and poems of Turlough Conmee, an author who writes and speaks his work in dialect.

Samples of the prose and poems are uploaded as posts to this site. They are also available in audio form at Turlough Conmee’s Youtube channel “Dublin dialect”:


The complete work will be published in due course in some form including both print and audio.

In the meantime, you can read the posts on this site (see the right-hand margin of this page) for sample poems and prose in dialect; you can also read about the author and read his considerations (in standard English) on writing in dialect and dialect literature  on the other static pages. There is also a page in German.

Hear/view a short message from the author:

The author’s work is copywright, and may be quoted with acknowledgement.